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Jure Žerjav, the mayor of the community Kranjska gora: "Skiing championship (SC) would bring new impulses for Kranjska gora"

Why have you decided to support the idea of the Carinthian country governor Doerfler for the common candidacy for the without borders World championship in alpine skiing 2017?

Kranjska gora is one of the traditional organizers of the World cup in alpine skiing, the Vitranc cup will soon have its 50th anniversary. Our opinion is to upgrade this competition with the organisation of the World championship. We are well aware that in the momentary situation and in accordance with the demands of the SC such event could hardly be carried out in just one place. Instantly we accepted the initiative of the Carinthian country governor mr.Doerfler that together Bad Kleinkirchheim, Tarvisio and Kranjska gora apply for the SC 2017. I have to stress that all these places are able to organise such an event. We all have organised teams, established organisational committees which can carry out the competitions.
SC however means significantly more. In such a championship I see a good chance for cooperation. We should be aware there will be no tourism without good roads. We are hindered in connections with central Slovenia. Here I expect an opportunity to build the infrastructure much faster.

Which homeworks are in front of Kranjska gora?

A new hotel infrastructure has to be built, the missing ski lifts must be constructed and- of course- the arenas in the finish of the skiing tracks. The idea is that Kranjska gora would be in the roll of the host town. This is a tactic gesture. Austria has already hosted several important world competitions. Kranjska gora applied for the SC in 1978 and in 1982, however this is forgotten by now. The promotional activities where the places present themselves and that a lot is spoken about the candidacy, make the places more recognisable.
A good financial plan has to be set up. One thing are ideas and idealism, quite different is the number under the line. We can not afford to run into red numbers due to the SC. The next step is to form the team which will make the analysis of the situation, the plan of the necessary investments and each partner should prepare its own financial plan. On this basis we coordinate, make conclusions and afterwards the mutual candidacy follows. Also the FIS regulations must be changed in the way to enable common candidacy. The fundamental consensus of the national skiing unions to actually support the application is obligatory. Only due to the idea of united Europe we all should endeavour to realise the common SC.
In the crisis periods in numerous European countries nationalistic tendencies are reviving, however it must be proved that progress is in only in cooperation.

Foto: M. Štukelj

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