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Dr. Hannes Slamanig
graduated and doctorated at the University for Agriculture in Vienna. From year 1987 he is employed with the Country of Carinthia. From year 1993 he was the coordinator for National park Nockberge-Hohetauern. From year 1994 the coordinator for structural politics of EU for Carinthia. (task 5 b programs)
From year 2002 deputy for EU Interreg procurement and for various central projects as the Biker s way along the Drava river (among Italy, Carinthia, Slovenia and Croatia), cultural and tourist initiatives.

Networking today is not only a proverb. Why is networking so important in the achievement of objectives?
Any product developement nowadays from the mikro scale to the makro sphere meets a highly sensible population based on the widespread technologies of information society - this can be true for a local cultural association in Southern Carinthia as well as for the goals of EU enlargement in 2004. In all these activity circles you find intelligent resources which you have to combine for the benefit of an integrative general developement. That means that nobody should be just a passive spectator but much more an ambitious co-designer. Just like a beehive this system will then consist of numerous connected modules with higly motivated technical positions which alltogether form a professional general product. This symbol of a honeycomb can also be used for innovative economy projects with perfect conception, widespread motivation and a coordinated performance - this is networking as nature itself presents it every day.

Which are the requirements for successful networking?
The absolute basic requirement is mutual trust combined with convinced leadership and widespread public motivation. This means that all team members have to be deeply convinced to do the right thing with highly reliable people in the leader structure as well as in their direct cooperation group. Master plans with midterm goals, financial structures and communication systems form the strategic basis in the intellectual draft whereas operational succes is always combined with the emotional commitment of any team member. You might compare this process with historical examples like Hannibal´s crossing of the Alps or sensations in sport like Greece becoming European soccer champion in 2004 - convinced definition of goals connected with fighting spirit in all positions finally lead to a never expected general success. In any developement phase you nevertheless should bear in mind modesty and trust in God - determination, survey and humility should therefore complement each other in a well balanced way.

Are the concept and the message of Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation at the meeting point of three cultures and the developing economic area clear and interesting?
Sustainable support of crossborder thinking and acting belongs to the most thrilling and at the same time highly responsible challenges of the historic peace project "European Union". For that task you need promoters because the socially and culturally formed basis will not start widespread activities in that field on their own. You therefore have to define and develope initiatives which connect population circles as vast as possible. In that respect culture, tourism, education, youth exchange or energy alternatives form module examples to create an integrative network strategy as a model for all Europe. Precisely the Alps-Adriatic region with its changeable and often burdened history can hereby profile itself as an internationally valued model area - AACC can function as initiator, attendant and evaluator based on public private partnership projects in connection with visionary politicians, cooperative public institutions and professionally acting entrepreneurship.

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