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Dr. Herta Stockbauer
Member of the management of BKS Bank from Klagenfurt (Bank fuer Kaernten und Steiermark)

What is the meaning of regional cooperation?

For us regional cooperation has a very significant meaning. In Europe of regions the business with our southern neighbors Slovenia, Croatia and Italy is growing up, out of what all regions have benefits. We follow our partners on this way and as well we expand to these markets. An important fact was the access of Slovenia to European Community and the now coming introduction of Euro will even increase our dynamic.

Since when is the banking institute BKS Bank AG to which you preside active in Slovenia and other reformist countries?

BKS Bank has the strategy here and also abroad to grow step by step from its own strength. This is the reason that we expand with defined volume and goal, we follow numerous clients here from Austria to neighborhood countries. At the same time BKS Bank provides foreign clients over the border- from Austria. The first step in Slovenia was made in year 1998 with the purchase of a leasing company. Today BKS has two branch offices in Slovenia, one representative office in Slovenia, one in Croatia, one in Italy, one in Hungary, then one leasing company in Slovenia and another in Croatia. Our last step was the purchase of the majority share of Kvarner Banka in Rijeka. Furthermore the clients of BKS can make use of the extensive foreign net of Oberbank and Bank fuer Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV) which have branch offices in Germany, Czech Republic and in Switzerland. With Oberbank and BTV BKS Bank forms the group of 3 banks.

Since some years is BKS the member of Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation. (AACC) Which are the benefits of AACC?

AACC offers a comprehensive net of the opinion makers in Carinthia and Slovenia who appreciate the chances and the advantages of multi-languages, cultural exchange and economic cooperation and who also make use of these elements for achievement of their goals within the development possibilities in future. With lectures, performances and the forwarding of cooperation contacts AACC is a significant partner who helps in overcoming the regretfully still existing barriers and in establishing the mutual understanding.

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