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Iztok Jarc, the Slovenian minister for agriculture

At the central manifestation “Delicacies of the Slovenian farmhouses”, held in Ptuj, also the farmers from Austrian Carinthia are participating. Is the long time cooperation of both agricultural chambers and countries satisfactory?
Iztok Jarc:
DThe presentation “Delicacies of the Slovenian farmhouses” is mainly a cuisine event. This year the presentation is the eighteenth time, so it came to age. The countryside is presenting itself to consumers-citizens. In the frame of the Chamber of agriculture and forestry such events are held regularly when the farmers with their products come to the marketplace in Ljubljana, we want to expand it to other towns, too. As always, quality and variety, which both increased significantly in the past ten years, are essential in this sector, too. Of course, the farmers have possibilities for additional income when such events are held. I am glad that the compatriots from Austrian Carinthia are in Ptuj, too. With Austria we have numerous contacts on the field of agricultural politics, however it is a great pleasure to me that we have established good contacts and relations with Carinthian Slovenes. I know that the Carinthian counsellor for agriculture dr.Josef Martinz will visit us. This will be a suitable opportunity to discuss the points of mutual cooperation.

How do you evaluate the role of Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation (AACC) in Klagenfurt, which is also endeavouring for cross-border cooperation?
Iztok Jarc:
AACC is an important institution on the fields of cooperation and development in the Alps-Adriatic region. We cooperated with this institution in several projects in the past, I am convinced we will do it in future, too. It is very important that minority professional and development organisations can provide their knowledge in cross-border cooperation between Austria and Slovenia. In this sense I also see the meaning of AACC.

Photo, Interview: M. Štukelj

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