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Dr. Rudolf Kanzian

Diploma ing. dr. Rudolf Kanzian studied water economics and cultural technique at the University of agriculture (BOKU ) in Vienna where he also promoted. At the begin of his professional career he was working on the field of waterworks in settlements, then he was assistant for the treatment of waste in companies, afterwards he was the chief of the expertise organisation for environment DET NORSKE VERITAS and from the year 1997 he is the manager and the owner of the consulting company management of the systems on the fields of environment, quality and security - KANZIAN ENGINEERING & CONSULTING GmbH (in short KEC - - in Austria.

Have the protection of nature and especially waste treatment in companies and in local communities a significant meaning?
In the past months and years the protection of nature is again an important theme in public. The threatening change of climate, scenery about warm beds and local aspects of the environment are - after the phase of medial stagnation from the side of companies and communities - demanding more occupation for environment and the improving of services on this field.
The treatment of waste is in this case a good leading idea, since the colleagues and the inhabitants can hardly understand something about improvement of heating capacity of the oven or about the decrease of the contents of poisonous substances in the rivers. The treatment of waste has consequences for all of us, everybody can be involved, everybody can prevent waste or can separate it, in order to enable thermal or material recycling. With this theme it is therefore easier to communicate the idea of natural protection. The inhabitants today sometimes do not understand that in some communities or companies the separation of waste is disregarded and that the common dustbin is again popular, on the contrary of the up till now successful systems of separation. Therefore the concept of the protection of nature is disappearing and it is very hard to motivate the inhabitants to disregard waste or to take care of the nature protection.
The treatment of waste is helpful - besides its basic meaning in the sense of resource maintaining - for the reinforcement of the general idea about the environment, for the climate changes and for the development of the warm beds.

What are the possibilities for the communities and companies?
The analysis of the waste from households and companies in certain region enables to recognise the substances which can be helpful for economical and ecological improvements. If the inhabitants are able to split waste, for instance to collect old paper directly in their household, the quantity of paper improves significantly and so the quota of recycling grows. The detailed description and the evaluation of waste courses saves money and saves the resources.

Is the Alps-Adriatic Centre for Cross-border Co-operation (AACC) with its links able to support the communities and the companies?
Just in the cooperation of the three regions in the Alps-Adriatic region there is a possibility that AACC can be helpful in the ecological problems – in the exchange of the opinions and in the strengthening of the cooperation at these projects. The environment is essential - regardless of the borders given by the humans. If our task is to maintain intact and healthy environment in all the three regions, we need close cooperation and perfect exchange of ideas. AACC is offering the platform and is bringing us the officials, politicians, managers and is in this way establishing the platform for fruitful exchange of opinions and experiences. For us the membership in AACC and the active cooperation in its performances is essential and this helps us in the exchange of experience and information of the improvement of treating waste and general aspects of the environment.

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