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Ferdinand Vouk
The mayor of borough community Velden (Vrba) and the delegate of the Socialdemocratic party in Carinthian land Assembly.

Has the membership of the community Velden ( Vrba), Carinthia in Alps-Adriatic Centre for cross-border Co-operation been successful?
Ferdinand Vouk:
Yes, absolutely. AACC planned its objective to influence positively on economical and cultural relations between Carinthia and Slovenia. I think this also was successful. As an example I would mention our community , when we established contacts through AACC in year 2004 with the community Bled ( Slovenia ) and from then on a true partnership has developed. Exactly such organizations contribute that the idea of United Europe can develop and strengthen. Furthermore I think that the specific living area within the meeting point of three cultures in which we live, is a big opportunity
that we act more consciously as regions in Europe.

Why is the cooperation with neighbors on community level so important?
It has shown that in Bled, Gemona and Velden we have similar tasks and problems. Let it be town marketing, cooperation of members of communities, traffic policy, building of flats, tourism or environment protection- we all are looking for new solutions. Every community is happy with new initiatives, we know how important is a view over our own saucer. One who is ready to follow how people who grew up in other circumstances are solving the matters, can learn a lot. Everyone who engages with it will enlarge his own horizon .To exchange the acquired know-how , to discuss about common or contrary experiences, this helps all of us and opens the door to new solutions. We all know: opening is today also for small communities a necessary mark.

What connects the people in community Velden with people in partnership communities of Bled and Gemona?
Our common partnership is from the very beginning not only the matter of officials. The citizens have established a thick net of personal contacts. Numerous meetings were held: among pupils, older people, sportsmen/women , artists, institutions, supporters of culture and of course also among politicians.

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